Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sprained Ankle Adventures 2

It's been a few weeks and I am still wearing the boot. I hate it, but it's become a part of me.

As a teacher I think of confiscating a wide variety of student items--especially things I like. I kind of want a pink mini Ipod. I probably wouldn't even use it, but I see the kids using them and they look soooo cute and so practical. I always joke about this kid of thing. Some of them don't think it's funny.

Scooters are really popular these days. One of my students let his fall to the floor so that it was actually a danger. Someone (me) could have tripped on it. So I picked it up and was seized with a sudden desire to ride it. In my classroom. So I did. I picked it up and rode it back an forth a few times while that student was flirting with another student. He was so focused on helping her that he didn't even notice me scooting back and forth behind him and then turning around. Alot of other students didn't notice either. I even stuck my leg out behind me like and ice skater. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. "Hey, I really need one of these things. I don't think you're even supposed to have them at school. I might have to confiscate it."
"Oh, no Miss, please don't. I need it to get around."
"I understand. It's kind of fun, but I think I might need it more. It's easier than walking right now. Where can I get one?"
"I got mine at Walmart for like $20."
"No way. $20!? I'm so there."

How many high school teachers does anyone know who would ride a scooter around campus?

Well, me, I guess.

I also have to pull a few "do as I say and not as I do" type lectures when another student got the brilliant idea to also ride the scooter in class. The last thing I need is for him to break his nose under my care.

"But Miss D, how come you can do it and I can't?"

"Because I'll be careful. It's not like I'm going to ride my scooter through the halls when it's full of students. I'm going to use it to take up the attendance when there's no one around."

I actually ran into a student from my substitute teaching days. She was working behind the counter and rang up my scooter. She thought it was pretty cool too. And yes, I used the cart again.

I do hate the boot. It's not nearly as cute as my shoes. But then again, it's been inspiring and fun to ride the carts and buy a scooter to get around. I can't wait for the funny looks to begin.

My foot on the cart at Lowe's a very fun place to ride a cart on a Monday night. Lots of friendly people and the cart was pretty fast.

I gave myself frostbite from an ice pack. Not so fun. Check out my blister and the discoloration on the skin.

What Happens if I Don't Want to Teach?

I'm at a crossroads. I just got my performance review as a teacher and it wasn't very good. Teaching is harder than I thought. But what do I do next? I didn't study business or law or anything else. I studied to be a teacher and a performer. You'd think that teaching choir is easy or something. Well it isn't!! I love music and I've alsways been good at it, but the kids are really tough. They miss their old teacher and have been really reisitant to learning from me. It's painful, but its not going to be any different anywhere else.

All first year choir teachers get a bad time when they start! It's really sad. Suddenly all the kids who sang last year either graduated or can't imagine singing for someone new. Last year was like a family. They are so tough on you--they don't realize that they are part of the problem. They don't realize that they certainly didn't respond to the other teacher that way. Suddenly they want to sing all of the old songs. Those old songs were just great. But if you let them sing the old songs, it just isn't the same and they still won't be happy. In fact they'll be unhappier.

I was poking around online wondering what I would do if I weren't teaching, and I can't figure it out. I love music. I want to teach it. The real estate market is down, otherwise I could see myself doing that. I would love to be able to just be someone's wife and not worry about these things, but times have changed and I have to change with them. Darn.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sprained Ankle Adventures

I sprained my ankle at work. I have to wear a freaking BOOT! It's ugly, but it's kind of fun.

At first I thought my ankle didn't hurt that much... Well, I was wrong!

The first time I sprained my ankle, I was wearing some supercute sparkly aqua blue heels. At work. Yes, I'm an idiot. But I used to wear them in NYC walking down the sidewalk and this didn't happen! But, then, there isn't enough grass in NYC for you to step in so that the heel of your supercute sparkly aqua blue shoes sinks into the sod and makes your ankle wobble. What possessed me to wear those to SCHOOL? (See pictures, there are the naughty shoes--ahem just one plus an ugly boot.)

I am a new teacher, I didn't want to report anything. I got an ice pack from the nurse and made her promise not to tell.

That was dumb. So much for being savvy.

The next week I was walking confidently across the parking lot to take the attendance. It was the evening of our back to school night. I stepped on a rock near where they are doing construction. My ankle rolled. This time I didn't hold back. Then they sent me to the freaking clinic. I was seriously not amused. I pouted.

I was good and wore the darn thing. My students seriously had fun with this. Miss D, be careful how you walk in that thing or you'll end up with a goofy foot."
"My foot? What do I care about my foot when the rest of me is already goofy?"

"Miss D, this is how you walk."

"Yeah, I do. Walk this way. No really, walk THIS way." Exaggerated limping.

"Miss D, how come you get to sit and put your foot up and I can't?"

Why do I think it's funny that my latest nickname is Hop-a-log Cassidy? Or that one of my students pretends she is injured, too.

I was good and wore the boot until Saturday. I wasn't hurting, so I decided that I must not really need the boot. I taped up my ankle and went shopping. OUCH ALMIGHTY! Vanity is definitely not Savvy. You can bet I wore that thing today. I went shopping again, with little ouchies from yesterday. Luckily I can stuff an ice pack in there.

I even shoved vanity aside and rode the little cart at Target. People were seriously looking at me funny. So I put my foot up to show off my boot. Seriously, the guys that work there all want to ride that thing, and now I know why! It's fun! It beeps when you back up. Anytime I had to wait in line, I would just put my foot up. The security guard smiled and waved at me as if to say, "Lucky, smart girl." I just smiled back, put my foot up on the cart and leaned back a little bit. I even made a girl that works at Target walk out with me. She got to ride the thing back. "Hey, all the guys are gonna be so jealous." She smiled as she got on it. "Yeah, but I bet all of these people think I'm just goofing off."

I might go back to Target tomorrow just so I can ride the cart around again. I might as well take advantage of the pain and weight gain and enjoy some of life's little pleasures like getting dirty looks from people who think I'm faking, and saying "BEEP BEEP, excuse me!" Almost running over people who realize I'm not an old lady and that the thing beeps as you back up are priceless. When I'm old, it won't be nearly so much fun. Then I'll be grouchy about all the obstacles they have for old people. This boot isn't so bad after all. It gives me bragging rights. No one suspects that I stepped on a little rock. The rock gets bigger every time I tell it. The earth nearly swallows me and people say, "You must have really jacked up your ankle bad. They don't give the boot for nothing, you know." I just smile, put my foot up, and say, "Hopefully I won't have to wear it too much longer." What a lie.

My foot in the cart at Target--look, I'm buying a scooter!