Thursday, July 12, 2012

All my trials

It's been awhile since I wrote anything. I have my reasons.

Even though I was a teacher, after the hell I went through, I think I almost understand how that poor girl felt.

I had a whole community against me.
Teachers said they didn't like me.
The administration didn't want to help much.
The administration broke promises to me.
I didn't have access to the things I needed to get my job done.
I couldn't  schedule the performing arts center when I needed to.

How is it that kids are allowed to run schools and cause so much harm? Administrations don't do anything because they're afraid of parent complaints. Isn't it about time we do something and tell parents if they don't like what we do that they will have to find another school for their kid because the child can't seem to comply with rules? Isn't it about time schools are able to mete out punishments which actually make kids think about things? Going to school should be a privilege--and if it isn't treated with respect, then the privilege should be taken away.

Just my thoughts.