Saturday, July 5, 2008

Prank Calls

I remember getting and making prank calls as a teen. It gets old really fast. I got a dumb prank call.

MissD: What's the name of the company?
Prank: khfioghagh
MissD: You're going to have to repeat that, you keep breaking up like wind is blowing.
Prank: flkgjg kigjago
MissD: I'm sorry?
Prank: you've won a trip to the Bahamas from Culver City Fat Farm lexapro
MissD: Lexapro is a drug for depression.
Prank: And also for weight loss.
MissD: Right. So, do you have a website for you business?
Prank: Yes, it's, I mean, dot net.
MissD: Oh I see, let me just look that up. You sound really young and a bit rude. I don't think I would enjoy doing business with you, but thanks for your call.

I hung up.

Prank: This is Ernesto from Culver City Fat Farm, can we have your address so we can send you some information.
MissD: No, you may not.
Prank: Why not? You are fat, are you not?
MissD: You're rude, are you not?

I hung up.

I called back and found a name on the message. They also sent me a text message which a business would never do. They called again a few hours later on a Saturday which a business would also never do. I called again. Then I recorded the sound of a toilet flushing for them on a phone.

I hope they get the hint. It's not really possible for them to trace the call back to me, but I have a name and if I hear from them one more time, I will file a police report. I wonder if it's also illegal to use a ficticious business's possible.


2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

Hi Miss D,
Thanks for visiting my blog...I came over to read a little and see what and eventful life you have here! Haven't gotten a prank call in a while, but I'm sure it's coming what with having a son in his 'tweens. I think you've handled them perfectly!

groovyteach said...

Hello Miss D,

I teach too...high school English. I haven't had trouble with the prank calls but I'm all about caller ID! If I don't know the number, I don't answer. Best of luck!