Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Former student with child

I ran into a former student while I was out and about. She changed her hair, and now has a child. It was sort of a surprise, but still, having a child should be celebrated. The pressures of choosing to raise a child who was created in love are large, but she's making the right choice.

She was one of my favorites. I didn't have a habit of playing favorites. It wasn't a game. It was that she actually cared about singing while other students wanted the old teacher back--something which they didn't get. The last time I saw her, the year was only halfway over and her parents told her they were moving. I lost a few students to moves. It had already been bad enough and that was the death knell.

It was hard seeing her again. I hate being reminded of what I went through. I dreamt of becoming a choir teacher and it's fallen apart. I wrecked my shoulder playing piano and conducting. It wrecked me emotionally going through such a horrid year. I should have quit, but I didn't know that, well...that people have a legal obligation to honor a contract or what it is that they must honor.

If you are an anonymous commenter leaving nasty comments, you really ought to reveal yourself or get over yourself.  Seriously, I hate people like that.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh -- get over yourself!

Get a life. Move on.

Anonymous said...

only the lucky get to live the dream outside of a good night's sleep. for me, i find it helpful and encouraging to help people around me fight and win their dream. though i'm not living mine, i helped someone achieve theirs.

i say this because you are not me. therefore, maybe with this comment you can muster up whatever strengh you have left and keep striving to make your dream a reality. think of other ways to go about making it possible.

the reason why i found your blog is because the girl that has my heart is broken and confused right now. her dream was to be a choir/music teacher as well. that was her major, that was her life. i'm in korea, and here the government opens up a few openings every time teachers are neeeded. there were 3 openings this year. there are hundreds if not thousands who applied.

how do you deal with it? i'm trying to find ways to comfort her. trying to find ways to give her hope. i can't say give up. it's not in me. and it shouldn't be in anyone to say those words to anyone, especially to themselves.

tell me what you think, please.

hope you are well.


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Fickle Cattle said...

It's always hard to be reminded of past difficulties. But I do admire people who understand the nature of honor.

Bart Torbert said...

Miss D,

I read your entire blog the past few days.I'm a choir teacher in the last years of his career and feel horrible for how things turned out for you. Most of us,would have to admit that, "there, but for the grace of God, go I" Bad students, bad luck, a few bad decisions, bad administrators and we're all just barely hanging on to our livelyhood. I wish i knew what was going on with you now.

Miss D said...

Nate, I'm so sorry to hear that your girlfriend's dream is being crushed. I don't know how things are out there, so I hope she has found something else to keep her going.

Miss D said...

Oh Mr. Torbert and anyone who posted something nice, thank you. :)