Friday, August 8, 2008

Jobsearch prospects

Well, it's a bit slow in jobsearchland. I've decided that I can always go back to substitute teaching. I won't have insurance, but maybe I won't NEED insurance. I mean why would you need insurance when you aren' chronically ill from the massive amounts of stress that come with the first year of teaching anywhere.

I know how not to get injured again. I have a really great computer and I can install vocal parts into the computer and have that play for them again, just like a rehearsal tape.

I won't have kids gossiping about me and saying that I'm not qualified for the job. I don't know that I ever want to teach high school again. They thing they know everything. I'd rather work with the confusion that junior high kids go through. You can have more of a relationship with high school students, but so many other things are MORE difficult. The performance standard is higher, teens are going through a rebellious stage--unless they're the really good kids--the music is more difficult. Plus, with alot of high schools, they are expected to perform alot in the community. One is never paid what one's time is actually worth in order to complete the performances.

These are things that we music teacher have to think about that the rest of y'all don't. We may not have paperwork, but our song and dance doesn't end from the moment the first bell rings when we flip our internal switch on.


Betty said...

Hang in there. A lot of jobs are filled after school starts. My oldest daughter was in the orchestra, so I know how hard music teachers work. Good luck to you in your job search.:)