Thursday, August 14, 2008

MySpace Makes Me Sad Sometimes

One of my former students sent a friend request to me and I accepted it. I was glad I did because she apologised to me for having been so bad in my class. It made me feel better a little somehow--even though I ended up not returning to that school.

She sent an email asking if I was OK and if I was having a good summer. I was finally going to answer because I finally recovered from a depression and frequent migraines as I recovered from the job. I just couldn't answer. It must have meant the whole world to here, because I finally went to answer a few days ago, I realized she had "unfriended" me on MySpace. That means I can't write to her because she has her profile set to private. It's OK. I'll manage to get over it somehow. I'll have a whole new crop of students next year--or maybe I wont. I don't know yet.


Anonymous said...

Miss D, You did it the right way. Don't feel bad. You needed the time to heal. If students can't wait, just know that you tried. I hope you have a new job and a wonderful year this year.
Linda aka Mystery Teacher

BW said...

Hey, don't worry about some kid on MySpace. You should be looking forward to the big gig in a couple of weeks! Buck up, things will work out!

someone said...

You could try friending her again yourself. When you request someone to be a friend, there is space for writing a short note. Maybe you could try to explain your situation to her in brief.

MissD said...

My younger friends have blocks where they don't take friend requests unless you can get a piece of key information from them. Hopefully that will keep them safe from predators.

This also applies to emails, so you can't send a reply unless they are a friend. They forgets sometimes that they have these safety features on when they write and you can't answer.