Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Being A Sub Sucks

I forgot how much it sucks to be a sub. I've only been on one assignment. OK, OK, part of the problem is that I got sick with, as I mentioned to a friend, Alot of symptoms.

I still feel like my head is floating about an inch outside of my skull, but that's a considerable improvement from floating about a yard above my head. Oh how it bobbled in the breeze when I tried to drive to the mall to pay my credit card off. Thank God that I didn't owe anything because

I haven't really made anything!!!! 1 freaking day of work.

Wow, I'm underwhelmed by all the money I'm NOT making. I believe I've joined the ranks of the gainfully underemployed. Bonus to me, I can get my student loans deferred.

On the side, I 've been searching for some extra stuff. And at least I don't come home from work overwhelmed and totally drained like I was when I was teaching choir last year. I suggested to that same friend that he hire me as his temp, since he really is too highly paid to be doing his own filing. They used to shoo me away from the files when I was a graduate assistant because they had undergraduates for that. I was getting paid only $13 an hour or something ridiculous like that. He makes oooodles more and certainly SHOULD have an assistant to do his filing and get his coffee. Plus he took me out to dinner and to see the improv.

Seriously, who subs anyway?
Let's see, my former Spanish teacher who just retired, kids who are waiting for an elementary teacher to die so that they can take over the 2nd grade class (seriously, it's that hard to get a job teaching elementary school), college students who want to be teachers.  And then there's me. I feel truly humbled to go back to it after having my own music classes last year and I wonder if education is really the right place for me.

Just like starting oooooover!!


ocbee said...

I would love to hire you as my assistant, my dear. Frankly today, I would love to hire you to be my replacement. (Really dreadful day.)

Oooodles of money (depending upon one's definition of "oooodles") really doesn't cut it. Just because I bought dinner doesn't mean I am Rich Uncle Pennybags. Hardly. (I'll be glad to show you this month's statement from my broker, an ironic term, come to think of it . . .)

Back to my YouPorn and RedTube habit (reference to those reading this other that MissD to last night at the Brrrrrrrrrea Improv, where the "headliner" [I would prefer the term "Registered Sex Offender"] thought that a discussion of his cyber porn habit was somehow humorous) . . .

Miss D said...

I wonder if that guy from the improv is a substitute teacher?

Ooodles is definitely more than $13 and hour--and I was including tuition remission in that.

I'm gloriously underqualified to be your replacement, Uncle Pennybags. ;)

Laura said...

Seriously, who subs anyway?

Retired teachers and those qualified individuals who
did not win one ofn the few jobs

Be a professional example in your blog