Friday, October 24, 2008

The "I ain't got no insurance" Blues

What's a girl to do when her insurance runs out? Get religion and start praying? Well, I do attend church. It's partly because I get paid to sing in the choir. Some guy called it "spirituality for hire". I call it singing for my supper.

Back to insurance...

Since church is a workplace, I am covered there by work comp.

If I get injured at home, maybe my parents homeowners insurance will cover me. I have no doubt that slipping on a pile of papers on the stairs constitutes negligence on the part of Mom and Dad. (God love them, but the house is a bit messy.)

If I get injured at school--either as a sub or with the after school program, I'm covered by work comp--even though the system completely sucks.

If I get into a car accident, I upped my insurance coverage to include a hefty amount of medical coverage. Let's hope that doesn't happen as my neck hasn't yet recovered from the last one.

I'm all covered--just so long as I don't step on a crack in the sidewalk and hurt myself--hey wait--then I could sue the city!

Where there's a will, there's a way!!


Laura said...

the whole misconception here is that workers comp covers all

that is so not the case -it provides a minimum of care for
a specific pre determined time length that has nothing to do
with medical injuries.

the injured person remains injured
but has no choice other than to return to work to pay the medical bills.

We as mature Christians needs to
open out eyes to this reality and

1) it's not just the poor or unbelievers who are without enough
medical care

2)being well enough to be forced
back to work is not well - let's
extend some grace and help people
have a chance to heal - let's
acknowledge truth even if it is uncomfortable