Friday, December 26, 2008

Private Lessons & Chopsticks

I will begin teaching voice as a secondary instrument with a piano school which has opened several schools. In terms of pay, it's not alot. On the other hand love music and will be doing something I love. They are looking to continue expanding. Who knows, someday I might work up to find myself running one of their schools. That's a few years off.

I will be taking over someone else's teaching in one location because it's too far for her to drive from where she goes to school. She was very popular with the kids. Crap. I have been through that before. But this time it's different because I will meet with them one-on-one.

I sang at two recitals at two of the schools so they could hear me and meet me. Everyone was very complimentary about my singing.

The funny thing is, most of the teachers are Korean! We all went out for Korean barbecue after the last recital. I have seen some of the side dishes before, but just kimchee really. I read somewhere you have to see something 20 times before you try it. I'll be seeing alot of this stuff. They were impressed that I know how to use chopsticks. One girl confessed she holds her chopsticks the wrong way, and another chimed in that she did too. But they can get away with it because they are natives. I can use chopsticks, but I wonder how well I will do when I really can't even play chopsticks since my shoulder injury. Some of the women were impressed that I used chopsticks to put my hair up. It's easy.

How did I find this job? They posted that they were looking for some instrumental teachers on Craigslist. I wrote and asked if they needed a voice teacher. It just goes to show that you never know what will happen.

UPDATE- well, that' was a bust.  I tried playing lessons with my left hand and that wasn't good enough.  Oh well.  Back to the drawing board.


Miss D said...

Emily--this post is dedicated to you because you prompted me to write it.

Anonymous said...

hi, i just spent yesterday reading your 2007-2008 school year blogs and i must say wow! i am glad you made it through and are going back into teaching. your love of music is obvious in your blog and you had more than a few moments where it sounded like teaching was something for you. God bless!

Anonymous said...

As a mildly-offended "native" Korean, I thought I'd point this out: there is no official way of using chopsticks - there are many ways to hold them, and most would be considered correct. Of course, basic chopstick etiquette can be generally agreed upon, but when it comes to actually holding the chopsticks, there is no single, correct method.

ketz said...

It would take a lot of practice to hold and use the chopsticks properly, but after you learn it, the fun of using this will eventually feel.

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