Thursday, July 24, 2008

Job Search Surprises

Wouldn't you know it? There's an opening in an unexpected place. I met the choir teacher last year that got the job I wanted. After talking to her and hearing of her discontent with her position, it sounded like we should switch jobs. She had a more classical background and the kids were used to doing musicals and pop. I have a classical backgraound, but I also love--I mean really love--musicals and pop. It's perfectly legitimate to me to use pop songs to get kids interested in singing. Unfortunately, at my present job, they hated everything I was trying. They didn't realize how good they sounded singing songs from Grease because they thought they didn't sound as good as they used to. It's true, they didn't, but they still sounded good. If only they had given it a chance!! In any case, maybe we will end up switching jobs! Or not. It all remains to be seen. Last year I didn't even get an interview.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Better Things To Do

I am still being treated for my ankle, my shoulder and my neck. The healing is going very slowly. I really have better things to do than pray for migraines to go away, get a CT scan done of my ankle or pray they will approve more therapy for my shoulder. I have better things to do than be in pain. At least I'm not sick anymore, that's a small blessing. And with every pop I hear in my neck, snap in my ankle, and crunch in my shoulder, I hope I'm that much closer to relieving my present migraine and that much closer to being completely healed.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Prank Calls

I remember getting and making prank calls as a teen. It gets old really fast. I got a dumb prank call.

MissD: What's the name of the company?
Prank: khfioghagh
MissD: You're going to have to repeat that, you keep breaking up like wind is blowing.
Prank: flkgjg kigjago
MissD: I'm sorry?
Prank: you've won a trip to the Bahamas from Culver City Fat Farm lexapro
MissD: Lexapro is a drug for depression.
Prank: And also for weight loss.
MissD: Right. So, do you have a website for you business?
Prank: Yes, it's, I mean, dot net.
MissD: Oh I see, let me just look that up. You sound really young and a bit rude. I don't think I would enjoy doing business with you, but thanks for your call.

I hung up.

Prank: This is Ernesto from Culver City Fat Farm, can we have your address so we can send you some information.
MissD: No, you may not.
Prank: Why not? You are fat, are you not?
MissD: You're rude, are you not?

I hung up.

I called back and found a name on the message. They also sent me a text message which a business would never do. They called again a few hours later on a Saturday which a business would also never do. I called again. Then I recorded the sound of a toilet flushing for them on a phone.

I hope they get the hint. It's not really possible for them to trace the call back to me, but I have a name and if I hear from them one more time, I will file a police report. I wonder if it's also illegal to use a ficticious business's possible.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Junk In My Trunk

It's an embarrassing time of year for teachers. I filled my car up with all of my stuff from my classroom. Old music that I used stuffed in boxes, piano music, vocal music, lesson plans, overhead sheets for teaching piano, various knickknacks, schoolwork neatly tucked into folders for just in case throughout the year... I gave them their folders, but some didn't want their work. I thought it was sad, so I kept it all. I took things down from the walls... I took home the Bingo cards and equipment in the box that I had intended to use as a fundraiser. It didn't work out that way. I had such great ideas.

It all sounds so simple when i write about it, but this is a year's worth of stuff now packed in my car. When I was in college everything I owned somehow fit in my car. Now it's not so simple. Being a choir and piano teacher meant having books and books and tons of sheet music.

I couldn't bring myself to erase the sweet notes that the kids had written to me on the last day of school or the 08 on the back window. The junk is still in my trunk and in the back seat of my car. I know I need to clean it out, but somehow my energy slipped out from under me. I have been driving around for a week with it all.

Over the week I discovered a what used to be a bag of baby carrots that had been cooked in my car. It took me awhile to figure out what those brownish little stumps were. Prunes? I don't eat prunes. a vanilla candle melted in a bag in the back seat from the 100 degree heat. Hehe, oops. I think it's time.