Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time Change

I hate the time change. It throws everyone one off, but it especially throws off kids. They're all so tired and grouchy. I've had a rather eventful couple of days. One of my students made a raspberry sound at me when I asked him to get his book for the third time. Then he decided to be creative by jumping onto a chair and breaking it. He could have broken a bone and I hate to say it, I sort of wish he had. The vice principal threatened to start taking things away from him at this point. He said:

I don't think you'll have any more problems with him. I told him if I hear any more of this silly stuff, I will take away prom. If I hear something after that, I will take away a the senior trip. If I hear something else after that, I'll take away grad night.

Hmmm...that might work. Part of me wanted him suspended from class for the day. The VP forgot that I had that student for another class and he waltzed in to give me a little more attitude. I wanted some kind of more severe punishment because that student sort of pisses me off. I don't want him to fail my class and he's headed in that direction. I certainly didn't need him telling me in front of all the piano students, I already told you I wasn't going to take that test. Don't you listen? I'm tired of second chances. Maybe he needs to lose those things to understand that he's being a complete sh-thead.

But I think what would really work is that they get rid of the time change. I mean seriously, things weren't great before the time change, but the time change made everything worse with all the kids. If anyone worked with kids they wouldn't do this time change anymore. It just throws us all off.

Please, next year let's just pick the half hour in between and split the difference. We're all tired of being late for church or work or forgetting to change the clock. Another teacher was an hour late to school on Monday. If we just pick that half an hour in the middle and never change it again, we'll all be happier. What's half an hour of dark on either end or half and hour of light? At least we'll have a consistent schedule like in the old days before they invented the lunacy of Daylight Savings Time.

On top of that, Daylight Savings Time from now forward hits us in the beginning of March rather than the beginnings of April. Great! That's also possibly why it's so bad right now.

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