Saturday, March 15, 2008

What? No Pink Slip??

Wait. I don't understand. I was EXPECTING to get a pink slip by March 15th. I got a bad review where my evaluating principal marked almost everything as "needs improvement." I seriously thought she hated me. I thought my district hated me because of my work comp injuries. I've messed up my shoulder because of playing piano and conducting. I sprained my ankle at work three times.

I was certain I was getting a pink slip. The arts are the first thing to go. I teach a music class where the keyboards are constantly breaking down. I struggle to keep up with two school campuses--a high school and a middle school. I've been outrageously sick and made alot of mistakes. I've been late turning in grades because I was so sick. The principal of the high school came and hunted me down in the middle of rehearsal to get me to turn them in. I've been blamed for all the kids I had to move out of my program, the discipline problems, the lack of enthusiasm that the kids are showing. They expected me to walk in and do better than the teacher they had before and that hasn't happened because choir programs always go though upheaval when a new director starts.

I thought I was going to struggle to find something else over the summer. I had a PLAN. I knew what I would say about the whole situation when I went to interviews. I talked about this plan with other teachers. Getting pink slipped was no big deal. Did the pink slip get lost somewhere? Was I going to be called into the office and told I was going to be let go?

Seriously, stop playing. I was going to throw a party, invite all my friends and serve pink cocktails. Where's my pink slip??